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Duboux Woordenboek Cuisine Duits-Frans

Woordenboek Cuisine

912 pagina's; 17×24 cm; hardcover, gelamineerd
ISBN 978-3-907950-36-4 (4)

CHF 90.–

Some 50,000 entries from the gastronomic and culinary fields make it an indispensable tool for catering professionals and trainees – and for anyone involved in writing or translating menus.

Regional expressions are considered.

Also listed are declined forms of adjectives, Latin names (where necessary and possible)

Appedix: E numbers.

It's an almost inexhaustible source of menu-planning ideas for chefs and F&B managers.

Advertising agencies and printers, food industry professionals, catering establishments, airlines, tourist offices and many others will derive huge benefits from the carefully researched translations of foodstuffs, dishes and gastronomic terms.

Swiss Label